Pixel Warfare – Play Online

pixel warfare logoPixel Warfare is a revolutionary game in 3D multiplayer shooter and it gives the possibility to the game. The game has retro-graphic and it uses the lines of the popular game minecraft. The graphic are available in full screen with the best ratio which brings the best playing experience. The game has many weapons with maps so there is no problem for the player when it comes to making the choice.  The system in the game will remember the score you got before and there is no need to register.  You are going to be excited when it comes to the warfare game.

How to play Pixel warfare

To play the game, you need to choose one of the weapons, choose the map you want and shoot everything that moves around. You can use the WASD in order to move around, use the R to reload and 1-6 number which is the key in choosing the weapon.  When you press tab, you go to the main menu and you can start to enjoy the Pixel Warfare.



Pixel warfare 1 is online shooting game and the player can play free of charge. It includes weapons, unity, pixels and mine craft.  It was played many times and it is one of the best shooting games found online. With the game, the player has a chance of competing with the players from around the world in the battles and the game is based on the first person shooter.  The player should create his own loadout and go to the battle using any map available.

ixel warfare takes the elements from the games on the Mine craft with the call of duty in order to create the countless hours of the game yandere simulator. The world wide multiplayer option lets the player to use 6 player team deathmatch. The player can earn the points and is able to unlock new characters and new weapons.  He can customize the character with the weapons as he wants. The player can choose unique map that it is available at the market. He can level up the character and he can reach to a higher level. New maps are being added on them each week.

Features of Pixel warfare

Pixel warfare 1 is the game that was created by independent developer and it combines the best features of two games that are popular and these are the minecraft and the Modern warfare. The game lets the player to choose the battles that look like these in the Modern Warfare but they are found in the universe that looks like that of Minecraft.  Before the player start to play, he has a choice to make. He can go for the good side or for the bad side.

The goal of this game is to be able to kill all the people who are found at opposing side. It is done by using weapons while the players may choose the weapons that he wishes to use. The weapons options can range from just a simple crowbar to a destructive rocket launcher.  A battle that takes place between the bad and the good side takes place in the battlefield in the rooms that are found in the game. The player may choose to create own room or to join the rooms that exist already.